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Septic Saver Enzyme Pacs


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Imagine coming home and seeing puddles of raw sewage in your front lawn. That could become a reality if you don’t maintain your septic system! By using Green Gobbler, you can protect your home and your septic system. Simply drop one of these handy enzyme pacs in your septic system once a month to avoid sewage backup and eliminate harsh odors. Maintain a healthy septic system with Septic Saver Enzyme Pacs. By dropping one pod in your toilet once a month, you can avoid potentially disastrous sewage problems, including significant property damage. It’s that easy. Septic Saver Enzyme Pacs contain powerful digestive enzymes that will break down organic materials and other solids upon contact. The pacs will also neutralize the harmful effects of bleach, detergents and other chemical drain openers. Prevent foul odors, potential backups and devastating septic issues right from the start. Get your 6-month supply of easy-to-use Septic Saver Enzyme Pacs today.


Sold Out